1. Receipt and return

1.1 Vehicle is given to the renter in a good condition with all mandatory equipment required by the traffic police, settled with a bilateral acceptance certificate, an integral part of the contract under which conditions the car should be returned .
The renter is obliged to return the car with all provided documents in the agreed time and place in the state certified in the acceptance certificate.

The renter is required to submit a valid driving license for at least 3 years and a blue coupon. Minimum age of the driver - 23 years, required documents (ID card or passport). Tenants under 23 years old or under 3 years' driving experience pay a Young Driver fee of € 5 / day and double Deposit amount. Confirmation on the part of the Lessor is required.

1.2 In case of failure to comply with the deadline of returning the car , renter should notify the lessor no later than the arranged time of return.For additional period of use renter is charged with a daily price arranged in the contract. In case of delay more than two days, the renter is obliged to sign a new contract.

1.3 Failure to return the rented vehicle by the renter for more than 24 hours from the expiry of the agreed period without informing the landlord will be concidered as embezzlement and the Lessor will inform the competent authorities, reserving all rights under this contract.

1.4 Upon early return / before the expiration date of the contract / the rented vehicle by the renter, "Martello" LTD does not owe the amount of rent for the remaining period of the contract. Exceptions are made for periods of over 10 days, the service is charged according to the tariff for a small number of days and the renter gets 50% of the difference between the two extreme prices.

From 01.06 to 31.08 refund due to unused rental days is not offered !

2. Damage, loss, theft and others.
Your rented car is insured!
2.1 In case of any damage, loss or theft of the vehicle or parts of it,as well as damages caused by fire or glass breaking, the renter should immediately notify the lessor and the Insurance Company

2.2 In case of theft or damage, the renter is obliged to take the following actions:
a) Immediately / no later than 12 hours of establishment of theft / notify Insurer and "Martello" Ltd. tel. +359 64 800 189 or +359885 838 383
b) To document the theft or damage to the local police department or the traffic police and take a document from the police acknowledging the event.
c) In case of theft - to submit registration card and car keys in the office of "Martello" Ltd .
d) The renter is obliged to pay full compensation to the lessor when guilty, inadvertently caused technical damage to the rented vehicle, as well as due to "overheating" of the engine, which is considered the driver's negligence. Overheating of the motor is estimated at between 1000 and 3000 euros, depending on the type of vehicle.

e) Damages to tires, rims, hubcaps, lower vehicle and  windshield in most cases are not regarded as an insurance event and are fully borne by the renter.
f) For damages to the vehicle as a result of road accidents caused by the fault of the renter, regardless of full insurance, renter owes the landlord compensations for lost profits and caused damages to the amount of the liability referred to in tariff "Martello" LTD. In damages to the vehicle as a result of accidents lessor charges for administrative and institutional services a minimum fee of 50 € (100 lev) without VAT.

g) Upon finding missing small parts, damages, theft amounting to 50 euros, "Martello" Ltd. does not undertake to filing insurance papers, being economically unattractive and their value is entirely borne by the customer!
Do not leave registration certificate and other documents in the car. Otherwise, all insurances will be void!

2.3 Liability in respect of damage to third parties if caused culpably by the renter is taken from him and he owes the amount paid by insurance "liability" by the insurance company within the general limitation period if the regression claim is accepted on insurer of art. 19 of the Ordinance on mandatory insurance.

2.4 In case of loss, destruction or theft of the vehicle certificate, key or license plate, the renter should pay a penalty of rental fee for the car for five days and the cost of the lost or damaged item.

3. Prices and method of payment

3.1 The rental price of the car is based on the price for one-day use, as defined in Tariff integral part of the contract, according to the rental period. It is paid upon receipt of the car and signing the acceptance certificate.

3.2 The renter is obliged to pay a deposit in the amount specified in the tariff of the "Martello" LTD. After returning the car, the deposit is released after inspection of the vehicle by an officer of the company. Upon finding missing parts, damage, theft or damage if the renter does not provide a report or certificate from the Ministry of Interior, and if the car is returned without fuel or less than agreed in the acceptance certificate the total value is deducted from the deposit.
Missing fuel is paid by the renter on daily price per liter of fuel and one-time fee of 10 € (20 lev)

Rentals outside the country are not possible.

4. Responsibility of the Lessor
4.1 Lessor is obliged to deliver the vehicle to the Renter with equipment SAA / first aid kit, triangle, fire extinguisher, jack, spare tire key, reflective vest /

4.2 The Lessor shall pay to renter costs of purchasing supplies and repair minor defects only if they are made with the consent of the lessor and provided an official document / invoice in the name of "Martello" Ltd. /

4.3 Lessor is responsible for damages caused to the renter or third parties as a result of technical faults of the car established by independent technical expertise that is charged to the defaulting party to the contract.

4.4 The lessor is not responsible for poor quality fuels and defects caused by them! All the costs of such repairs , repatriation etc. are fully borne by the renter. No rights for a replacement car in this case. Please charge cars solely in nice large stations (avoid small, not reliable and poor looking stations).
Please take receipts for the charged fuels. They will serve as proof of the event in court. Court cases are conducted in this case by the renter.

5. Duties and responsibilities of the Renter
5.1. The renter is obliged to :
a) use the vehicle appropriately and to manage it with due diligence.
b) monitor the level of oil, water, antifreeze, brake fluid.
c) in case of accident, damage or failure to undertake all necessary measures for saving, limiting and / or reducing damage to the rented vehicle.
d) in case of accident or damage to the vehicle to comply with the Traffic Law and its enforcement concerning drawing up protocols and other documents.
Within 24 hours of the occurrence of an accident / damage, but not later than the expiry of the contract, the renter notifies the landlord about it, stating all the facts, circumstances and data / names of witnesses and the like / in connection with it, and to cooperate fully with the lessor and the insurance company to clarify the incident and the damages.

5.2 Renter shall not:
a) use the vehicle for towing other vehicles, trailers, and participate in races, practices, trainings, tests; transportation of heavy, bulk and other loads.
b) to drive the car drunk or after taking drugs or other opiates.
c) give the car to third parties or to use it for overseas trips without the express permission of the Lessor.
5.3 Customer must have at leats 23 years of age and possesses of a valid driving license.
5.4 Violation of clauses in points 5.1 - 5.3, resulting in a damage excludes all insurance and pay full compensation to "Martello" LTD.

5.5 The Renter agrees his personal data provided in the contract to be used for search of criminal and civil liability.
5.6 By signing this contract for car rental, the Renter agrees to all fines and fees imposed under penal provisions and acts against it at the time of rental cars for violations under the Traffic Law and Implementing Rules laid down by the traffic police are paid by the Lessor by withdrawing from deposit of Renter under this agreement.

5.7 Payments under item 5.6. Lessor shall notify Renter in writing for the committed action within three days of receipt of the criminal decree or act in the office of "Martello" LTD.
5.8 In connection with item 5.6. Lessor reserves the right, in the release of the deposit to retain the amount of 20.00 to 500.00 € of the amount of the deposit of the Renter for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of issue car under the agreement and in accordance with the amount of the punitive decree or act.

6. Final provisions
6.1 All amendments to the contract and all documents reflecting its execution are valid if made in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the parties.
6.2 All disputes over the conclusion, performance or termination of the contract shall be resolved by negotiation between the parties, and if no agreement is reached - by the competent court.
6.3 All outstanding and stemming from contract cases, are used rules from chl.228-239 of the CPA, HTM and other normative acts of the current legislation governing the relationship between the parties.